Göttingen has been dubbed as the ‘the city of science’ and rightly so. It is a university town, established for and still catering to the Georg August University, in the pursuit of excellence. It is a small yet vibrant town full of energy and vigor of young students, and wisdom and experience of esteemed experts in various fields of academia. Göttingen is a great opportunity for keen minds and has been home to great scholars like Gauss, Weber, Planck and more recently Hell, Südhof and Neher. Ever so charming, Göttingen has a welcoming atmosphere and has always attracted people from all over to the world to add to its list of notables. With its three Max Planck Institutes, namely, the MPI for Experimental medicine, MPI for biophysical chemistry and MPI for dynamic systems and self organization, the European Neuroscience Institute and German Primate Centre, and many other prestigious research institutes Göttingen has secured its place among the top seats to study and research Neuroscience.

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