Other events in Göttingen


Restoration of Sensory and Motor Function Symposium 2016 (Thursday May 26th – Friday May 27th)


The idea of the meeting is to provide an update on the recent developments in genetic and prosthetic approaches to sensory and motor deficits and to foster discussion among the scientists active in those fields that come from different disciplines.

For more information, visit: http://www.smf2016.uni-goettingen.de/


Neurizons Career Fair (Monday May 30th )


Here you will have opportunities to witness and weigh all the diverse options you have at your disposal as a young scientist. Be it academia or industry it is never an easy choice and but with some guidance it could be simplified. With talks from leading scientists in academia and scientists who chose the path to industry or a combination of the two, we hope to give you a taste of what is out there.

It is not only a great testing field but also a lucrative opportunity to establish networks.

Come on board for one to one interaction with people who have gone through the same dilemma and help find out what career path suits you the best.

Take a look at our Career Fair speakers of 2016!


Guided visit to exhibition: ‘Portraits of the Mind – A glimpse into the brain’ (Monday May 30th, 17:15)


As part of this year’s Neurizons topic: ‘speak your mind’, to pursue the appreciation and discussion of neuroscience in an artistic and even philosophical scheme, we were able to program a guided tour to a great exhibition from the renowned German Primate Center. They are presenting a series of pictures from the book: ‘Portraits of the Mind – Visualizing the Brain from Antiquity to the 21st Century’ by the neuroscientist Carl Schoonover. Also, they present interactive material and pictures from the current research taking place at this institute in Göttingen.

Check out the German Primate Center exhibition ‘Portraits of the Mind – A glimpse into the brain’ and if you are interested, sign in sending us an email to: neurizon@gwdg.de


ENI-G Symposium (Tuesday May 31th)


As a joint event with Neurizons 2016, the European Neuroscience Institute is celebrating its 15th anniversary on Tuesday May 31st 2016, with the symposium “Synapses, circuits and sensory systems”. This event will take place at the MPI-BPC and the entrance is free of charge.

More information at: ENI-G Symposium