Social Events


City Tour (Wednesday)


The city tour will begin in the Old Town Hall, adjacent to the Gänseliesel Fountain. A professional guide will show you around Göttingen’s historic old town and its various attractions. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history of this traditional and beautiful university town.


Neurizons Party (Thursday)


Following a long day of engaging talks, your brain will need an opportunity to rest and digest. The NEURIZONS PARTY will allow just that! Whether you want to have a stimulating conversation over drinks, or just dance and enjoy the music – don’t miss out on this event. The party location and time will be announced soon.




What better way to say goodbye after a long and satisfying conference than with food. At the BBQ you can eat, compete, drink, laugh, and enjoy the company of the Neurizons participants and speakers before departing! Don’t miss out on this closing event, which will also include a Lab Olympics! Details will be announced soon.