We are offering you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to interact with world renowned scientists during Neurizons. CoachMe event (Thursday, May 28th 2018) allows you to directly get in contact with the Neurizons 2015 speaker of your choice. Have you been wondering what makes a good scientist? Are you interested what goes on behind the scenes of science? Do you want to know how to best apply for a post-doctoral position? We will offer you the chance to be in a face-to-face situation with successful senior scientists, who will challenge and help you decide about your future career in academia.

Below is the list of the volunteering speakers:

György Buzsáki
Alexander Gottschalk
Marie Dacke
Julia Fischer
Judit Makara
Alon Chen
Miguel Nicolelis
Douglas Fields
Peter Jonas
Rodrigo Quiroga
Shahaf Peleg
Tolga Soykan
Andrea Burgalossi

We will asign the coaches to the participants who have registered for the CoachMe event. The final assignments will be displayed on a poster onsite on Thursday, May 28th.