Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is closed

Young Investigator Contest

We organize a ‘Young Investigators Contest’ which is a platform for early-career researchers to present their work as a scientific talk in our conference. This is an excellent opportunity for upcoming scientists to present in an international conference alongside established scientists. Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers are eligible to apply for this contest and will be selected based on short abstracts. We want to invite these excellent candidates as speakers to our conference and cover their travel and accommodation costs up to 500€ per person.

Presentation formats

The Young Investigator Contest talks are presented in person (streamed online). 

Poster presentations and flash talks may be presented online or in person. 

We ask that presenters choose whether they would like to present the abstract as a poster ONLY, or be considered for a flash talk in addition to the poster presentation, or furthermore, partake in the young investigator contest. Should a presenter wish to partake in the young investigator contest, they will automatically be considered for giving a flash talk and/or a poster.

Additional information about abstracts

Neurizons is a neuroscience conference, as such, we accept abstracts from all branches of neuroscience.

Each abstract will be evaluated by a team of referees. We will evaluate each abstract for originality, scientific quality, and soundness of conclusion, and overall quality of writing. Based on this evaluation, the young investigator contest and flash talks will be assigned.

The abstract submission deadline was April 19th, 2022. An announcement of the outcome will be sent to the presenting author by the first week of May.

Abstracts that are accepted for oral presentations will be given priority in the printed physical conference booklet. However, all abstracts will be available in full length in the digital extended version of the conference book. Posters, however, will not be made available online.

Poster requirements:

Posters should be portrait format and A0 size. For onsite participants they must be printed.  For online participants sending a digital version of the poster (or a short-recorded talk) is required, onsite participants are welcome to take up this offer as well in addition to their physical poster. 

Abstract format