Christian Schloegl

Christian Schloegl

Science Coordination and Management


Obtained degreeInstitution      Supervisor / LabFocus of work
Diploma in Biology (Master equivalent); 2005University of BayreuthProf. Dietrich von Holst, Dr. Thomas Bugnyar (Vienna)the ontogeny of gaze following in common ravens
PhD; 2008University of ViennaProf. Kurt Kotrschal, Prof. Thomas BugnyarI studied how ravens and other so-called smart birds (other corvids, but also kea, mountain parrots from New Zealand) rely on other indiviual’s gaze direction as a source of social information, how this influences their foraging behavior, and if they can draw logical inferences based on what they had and had not seen
Master in Public AdministrationUniversity of SpeyerDr. Reinhard Grunwaldfor my master thesis, I conduced a questionnaire study to investigate how students in DFG-funded Research Training Groups are prepared for non-academic career paths


Position      InstitutionSupervisor / LabFocus of work
                                                                2009-2010                        University of ViennaProf. Thomas BugnyarI studied the ability to draw logical inferences in Common Ravens, Carrion Crows, jackdaws, and Grey parrots
2011-2014 (part-time)German Primate Center & University of GöttingenProf. Julia FischerI studied causal reasoning in long-tailed macaques
2011-2012 (part-time)German Primate Center Graduate School Coordinator, German Primate Center
2012-2014University of Göttingen Coordinator, PhD program Behavior and Cognition
2015 – presentGerman Primate Center Managing Director, Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition

About Dr. Christian Schloegl:

Dr. Christian Schlögl is the managing director / scientific coordinator of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Primate Cognition, a joint research network of the German Primate Center and the University of Göttingen. He is also the coordinator of the Collaborative Research Centre- Cognition of Interaction.  He is responsible for the budget and the management of the internal funding programmes, coordination of the scientific programme and the training programme for early career researchers. He will talk about his career path and what a science management career entails.