Oleksandr Yagensky

Oleksandr Yagensky



Obtained degreeInstitutionSupervisor / LabFocus of work
BScJagiellonian University, KrakówProf. Alicja JózkowiczRole of miRNA in myoblast differentiation
MScUniversity of Göttingen/ Max Planck Institute for Experimental MedicineDr. Sandra Goebbels/ Prof. Klaus-Armin NaveIdentification of novel factors troggering oligodendrocytes differentiation
PhDUniversity of Göttingen/ Max Planck Institute for Biophysical ChemistryDr. John ChuaMolecular pathways in progression of Alzheimer’s disease

About Dr. Oleksander Yagensky:

Dr. Oleksandr Yagensky is a consultant at Bain & Company, where he focuses on projects on the intersection of healthcare and private equity industries. He graduated with a PhD from the University of Göttingen (Germany) and the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, where he studied the early markers of Alzheimer’s disease. He previously co-founded Fast Biotechnologies, a medtech start-up developing novel tools to diagnose bacterial infections. Nowadays, in addition to his job as a consultant, he is on the mission to accelerate the progress of personalized medicine by creating a platform in the format of podcasts for all the relevant players in the field to share and discuss their ideas. He will talk about his experiences and motivations throughout his career journey and advise the audience about how to succeed transitioning from academia to consultancy.