Dr. Anna Planas

Dr. Anna Planas


Biology 1982University of Barcelona Biochemistry
Center for Research and Development (CID)-CSIC, BarcelonaE. Rodríguez-Farré
Pharmacology and Toxicology (Toxic Oil Syndrome)
PhD 1984-1987MRC Toxicology Unit, Carshalton, UKVincent CunninghamCerebral blood flow and metabolism



1988-1989Center for Research and Development (CID)-CSIC, BarcelonaE. Rodríguez-FarréBrain metabolism
1990-1992Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot, INSERM-CEA, Orsay, FranceLugi DiGiamberardino / Bertrand TavitianRodent PET studies for cerebral protein synthesis and markers of Alzheimer’s disease
1993-1998CID-CSICTenured scientistPhysiopathology of cerebral ischemia
1999-2003IIBB-CSICTenured scientist
Neuroprotection in brain ischemia
2004-2018IIBB-CSICResearch scientist
Neuroinflammation in cerebrovascular diseases
2018-IIBB-CSICResearch ProfessorInnate immune system activation after sterile brain damage

About me:

My current main research interest is to underscore the contribution of inflammatory and immune responses to brain damage and repair in cerebrovascular diseases. I am interesting in the molecular mechanisms that trigger activation of the immune system after acute stroke. The danger signals generated after neuronal damage that activate innate immune molecular programes and immune cells, and induce inflammation. Understanding the tight regulation of these response and their crosstalk with the adaptive immune system is crucial to discover new therapeutic targets to promote the recovery of brain function. I am also interested in the effect of aging since cerebrovascular diseases are more frequent in the elderly.