Dr. Floris de Lange

Dr. Floris de Lange


PhD (2003-2007)Donders Institute, NijmegenIvan ToniNeural mechanisms of mental imagery / internal simulation of perception and action



post-doc (2007-2009)NeurospinStanislas DehaeneConscious and unconscious decision-making
tenure track PI (2009-2013)Donders Institute, Nijmegenfounded by own lab (Predictive Brain Lab) 
tenured PI (2013-current)Donders Institute, NijmegenPredictive Brain Lab 

About me:

In my work, I focus on the question of how the processing of sensory information in the brain is shaped by various sorts of prior knowledge. It has become a popular notion that the brain may perform something akin to Bayesian inference during perception, optimally combining prior expectations with incoming data. The neural implementation of this algorithm, however, is still largely unclear. The Predictive Brain Lab sets out to better understand this interplay between knowledge and sensation. When, where and how does knowledge impinge on our perception? We use a complementary set of techniques (non-invasive brain measurements in humans, MEG and fMRI), behavioral measurements, and computational models to advance our understanding of this interplay.