Dr. Mickael Tanter

Dr. Mickael Tanter


Electrical engineeringSupelec, Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité, France 
MSc. AcousticsUniversité Paris Diderot, France 
PhD PhysicsUniversité Paris Diderot, FranceApplication of time reversal focusing to brain HIFU treatments



Habilitation a Diriger des RecherchesUniversité Paris Diderot, France
Tenuered research officerCNRS, Paris, France
Tenured Research directorInserm, Paris France
DirectorPhysics for Medicine

Talk title: Ultrasound in Neuroimaging

In the last fifteen years, the introduction of ultrafast imaging at several thousands of frames per second profoundly transformed the field of biomedical Ultrasound. Interestingly, this leap in frame rate is not only a technological breakthrough but it permits the advent of completely new ultrasound imaging modes, including shear wave elastography1-2, ultrafast Doppler, and even functional ultrasound imaging of brain activity (fUltrasound) introducing Ultrasound as an emerging full-fledged neuroimaging modality.

Ultrafast Doppler gives ultrasound the ability to detect very subtle blood flow in very small vessels. In the brain, such ultrasensitive Doppler paves the way for functional Ultrasound or fUS imaging of brain activity with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution compared to fMRI. It provides the first modality for imaging of the whole brain activity working on awake and freely moving animals with unprecedented resolutions 3-5 and was also translated recently to clinics6

Finally, we demonstrated that ultrafast imaging provides a first in vivo and non-invasive imaging modality at microscopic scales deep into organs combined with intravenously injected contrast agents by localizing the position of millions of microbubbles at ultrafast frame rates.This ultrasound localization microscopy technique solves for the first time the problem of in vivo imaging at microscopic scale the whole brain vasculature 7. Beyond fundamental neuroscience or stroke diagnosis, it will certainly provide new insights in the understanding of tumor angiogenesis, for example combined with PET/CT imaging8

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About Dr. Mickael Tanter:

Our researchers have been actively involved in the expansion of ultrasound imaging capacities beyond the fundamental limits of ultrasound waves in terms of spatio-temporal resolution and sensitivity, using innovative concepts of wave physics which have translated to a wide range of new methods for medical screening, diagnosis and therapy. Currently with special interest in ultrafast ultrasound imaging, ultrasensitive Doppler imaging, and achieving micron-scale imaging at larger depth.