Dr. Sylvia Schroeder

Dr. Sylvia Schroeder


BSUniversität OsnabrückProf Peter KoenigInfluences of top-down versus bottom-up processes on human visual attention
MSUniversity of Zurich
Prof Kevan Martin
Functional heterogeneity amongst nearby neurons in primary visual cortex
PhDETH Zurich



Post doctoral fellowUCLProfs Matteo Carandini and Kenneth HarrisImpact of arousal and locomotion on neural activity in the retina and superior colliculus

About me:

Our goal is to understand how behaviour influences visual processing in the early visual system including the retina and the superior colliculus. We want to understand how the processing of visual information improves when information about behaviour and internal state is integrated in this processing. Does the integration of vision and behaviour help the animal to make better decisions? Finally, we want to understand which mechanisms underlie the integration of visual and behavioural information in the brain.