Join this workshop to hear strategies for writing clear, concise research manuscripts and for delivering focused, convincing oral presentations. Learn some of the fundamentals of effective scientific and technical communication, supported by findings from neuroscience, linguistics, and marketing. Main topics include: 

  • Writing for the audience, not for yourself
  • Helping the audience see the “new” and “useful” of your work relative to similar studies in your field (defining the nucleus and universe of five)
  • Telling your research story in a visualizable way
  • Creating a unidirectional narrative thread (triaging, opportune repetition, structuring according to cognitive principles)

About the instructor:

Chapin Rodríguez obtained his BSc in chemistry and biochemistry from Duke University (US) and his PhD in cellular, molecular and structural biology from Cambridge University (UK). He carried out postdoctoral research in molecular neuroscience at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine (US). He has obtained research funding from the British Marshall Commission, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UK Medical Research Council, and US National Institutes of Health. Through his company (, he helps researchers in natural and clinical sciences publish their manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, prepare grant applications and improve their oral presentation skills.