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The Neurizons talks cover a broad range of neuroscientific topics. We would like to offer the same variety in our poster session, and broaden our horizons with a multitude of techniques and ideas. So, bring your poster and share your project! The speakers and participants will vote for the best poster according to its design, display and the presenter’s skills, and the winner will receive a prize. Seize the chance to be evaluated for your work and evaluate others.

There will be 2 winners! Our prizes this year include a Nikon Coolpix W1000 camera and a framed piece of original graphic art from Brain Buds. First place winner gets to choose between the two!
“Mates by accident” , ink on paper (Japanese calligraphy brush)
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Wednesday, May 30th


[label type=”label-default”]Numbers 1 to 20[/label]

[label type=”label-default”]Y1 and Y2[/label]



Thursday, May 31st


[label type=”label-default”]Numbers 21 to 40[/label]

[label type=”label-default”]Y3 and Y4[/label]



If you have submitted a poster and would like to find your scheduled session, please download our booklet with the link below and look up your abstract number under the Abstracts section.
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