Schedule 2016

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Career Fair

Synaptic Physiology and Plasticity

 Higher Brain Functions

Sensory Systems

Systems Neuroscience

Glia and Neurodegeneration

Emerging Techniques


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For more information about the ENI-G’s symposium, please visit the following link:

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Below you can find the speakers that joined us for Neurizons 2016.

Stuart Firestein

Arthur Konnerth

Hannah Monyer

Ole Paulsen

Richard Tsien

John Dylan Haynes

Henrik Mouritsen

Ofer Yizhar

John F. Cryan

Yang Dan

Jennifer M. Groh

Justin Marshall

Craig Montell

Matteo Carandini

Bruno Cauli

Marcel Oberländer

Thomas Misgeld

Bruce R. Ransom

Marie-Eve Tremblay

Sonja Kleinlogel

Sudipta Maiti

Elizabeth Hillman