Young Investigator Contest

This Neurizons we introduce the Young Investigator Contest. Through this contest participants (PhD students and post- doctoral) have a great opportunity to give a 5 minute presentation of their research to the audience of NEURIZONS 2015.

For short talk by young investigators click [button style=”btn-danger btn-xs” icon=”fa fa-file-pdf-o” align=”left” type=”link” target=”true” title=”here” link=””] to download the abstracts.


May 27 Part I
1. Sven Truckenbrodt
2. Roman Stilling
3. Dorota Badowska
4. Shovan Naskar

May 27 Part II
5. Natalia Luchkina
6. Jose Oliveira da Cruz

May 28 Part III
7. Thomas Younts
8. Ivan Camponogara


You can also find the Young Investigator contestants at the Poster sessions!

Poster Session I    Sven Truckenbrodt, Roman Stilling, Dorota Badowska, Shovan Naskar
Poster Session II   Natalia Luchkina, Jose Oliviera da Cruz, Thomas Younts, Ivan Camponogara