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Dr. Daphna Joel

Rethinking sex and brain beyond the binary: Mosaic brains in a multidimensional space

Dr. Marla Feller

The development of direction selectivity in the retina

Dr. Timothy Ryan

The cost of thinking: metabolic control and vulnerabilities in synapse function

Dr. Esther Stoeckli

The primary cilium - a tiny structure with a big impact on brain development

Dr. Grant Gordon

On the regulation of the cerebral circulation by astrocytes

Dr. Eirini Papagiakoumou

Sculpting light for neuronal activation

Dr. Eran Stark

Spike-timing dependent reliability of information transmission and effective connectivity in freely-moving mice

Dr. Valeria Gazzola

The neural basis of empathy: insights from animal and human research

Dr. Ilona Grunwald Kadow

How internal states and needs shape perception and behavior

Dr. Sabine Kastner

Neural dynamics of the primate attention network

Dr. Manuela Macedonia

Body and Mind: How Our Body Enhances Second Language Learning

Dr. Evelyn Tang

A lens into cognition: The geometry and topology of neural systems

Dr. Pascal Fries

Rhythms for cognition: Communication through coherence

Dr. Laura Lewis

Fast multimodal imaging of neural dynamics across sleep and wakefulness

Dr. Daniel Choquet

Linking excitatory synapse organization and function

Dr. Sandra Jurado

Postsynaptic Exocytosis: Role in Plasticity and Neuromodulation

Dr. Anton Sirota

Behavioural modulation of hippocampal spatial rate and phase code