Your Neurizons


Young scientists, Neurizons is for you.

Listen and learn from renowned senior scientists, but also take the opportunity to take career advice(CoachMe), develop soft skills, and practice your presentation skills.

This is your Neurizons. Take it. 

Poster Presentations

Talk about the fruits of your labour over wine and cheese or beer and pretzels. Register for Neurizons and submit an abstract for a poster presentation today!



Have you ever wondered what makes a good scientist? Are you interested in what goes on behind the scenes of academic research? Do you want to know how to best apply for a postdoctoral position? Or perhaps you would like to explore career opportunities outside of academia?

Why not join our speed dating for scientists!

Raise all of your questions and concerns directly with senior scientists, who will share their experiences to help you with your future career in academia and beyond. You can choose to have a one-on-one conversation with our speakers, or expand your discussion by being in a brainstorm group along with two other Neurizons participants. 

Spend 15 min on a passionate scientific or career discussion with world-famous researchers or science-related professionals!

Decide about your participation in CoachMe today, and stay tuned for the list of participating mentors

Young Investigator Award

If you are a PhD student or a Post-doctoral researcher, don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Young Investigator Contest!

Three contestants will be selected and have the opportunity to present their work at Neurizons 2020. Each 20-minute presentation will be followed by a 10-minute question session. A panel of 3-4 scientists (attending as speakers) will rate the talks, and the best presenter wins a prize. 

The three selected contestants will be reimbursed for their travel and  accommodation expenses, as it pertains to the conference.

Last year’s winner, Thomas Chartier from EMBL, Heidelberg, won a Coolpix W100 Nikon camera. This year’s prize is once again sponsored by Nikon. 

Submit an abstract and indicate your interest for the Young Investigator Contest during registration. If you are interested in a poster presentation as well, you may use the same abstract. Would rather not have a poster? Worry not, because poster presentation is not required to enter the contest. 

Panel Discussion

In addition to being a platform to learn from leading scientists and experts, Neurizons 2020 will also provide an opportunity to engage in debate and discussion in the form of a panel discussion. This year’s topic is Natural vs. Artificial intelligence. 

Experts from a wide variety of fields, ranging from cognitive science to artificial intelligence research, will present their perspectives on the biological and computational aspects of intelligence. The discussion will span from the current state of the field in terms of our understanding of intelligence, to our progress towards creating artificial intelligences, and to what extent the development of AI is / should be biologically inspired, and more.


Each speaker will give a 10-minute talk on their perspective on the topic, followed by a 30-minute discussion between speakers and the audience.


Prof. Dr. Wolf Singer – neurophysiologist and cognitive scientist

Dr. Joscha Bach – AI researcher and cognitive scientist   


Dr. Caspar Schwiedrzik – Cognitive / Systems neuroscientist