Career Fair

We welcome you to the Career Fair of  2015.

Neurizons 2015 kick starts with Career Fair. Here you will have opportunities to witness and weigh all the diverse options you have at your disposal as a young scientist. Be it academia or industry it is never an easy choice and but with some guidance it could be simplified. With talks from leading scientists in academia and scientists who chose the path to industry or a combination of the two, we hope to give you a taste of what is out there.

It is not only a great testing field but also a lucrative opportunity to establish networks.

Come on board for one to one interaction with people who have gone through the same dilemma and help find out what career path suits you the best.

Career fair is open to all and does not require prior registration.


Schedule for the Career Fair


A short explanation of the German academic system

May 26 | 13:30-14:10
By Prof. Dr. Silvio Rizzoli
Professor, Department of Neuro- and Sensory Physiology, University of Göttingen

Better career options in science: The academic union movement in the US & what we can learn from it for Germany

May 26 | 14:15-14:55
By Andreea Scacioc
GEW (German Union for Education and Research)

The life of a scientific editor

May 26 | 15:00-15:40
By Dr. Esther Schnapp
Senior Editor, EMBO report

Switching from Science to Industry: what to expect? 

May 26 | 16:00-16:40
By Dr. Artem Gurvich
Junior Product Manager, Sartorious Stedim Biotech

Get to know McKinsey.

May 26 | 16:40-17:20
By Dr. Benjamin Wilhelm
Consultant, McKinsey & Company Inc.

What is the future of scientific publishing and evaluation?

May 26 | 17:20-18:00
By Jennifer McLennan
Head of marketing and communications, eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd

Stay tuned for more!