Fabian Grabenhorst​

Fabian Grabenhorst

Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

I am a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow and Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, where I lead the ‘Neurophysiology of Reward’ lab. My groups performs single-neuron recordings in awake, behaving macaques during reward-guided decision-making tasks and in social interactive tasks. We perform parallel investigations in humans with functional MRI using the same reward stimuli and tasks as in the macaques. Our main interests are to understand (1) how neurons in reward structures of the primate brain, including the amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex, process food rewards with defined nutrient and sensory components, (2) how value-guided decision-making between these rewards emerges from neural circuit computations in these brain structures; (3) how neurons in these brain structures process the rewards and decisions of other agents during social interactions, including the signalling of a social partner’s predicted choices.