Fernando Cross Villasan

Fernando Cross Villasana

Brain Products

As a scientific consultant at Brain Products, my main task is to support our users about EEG data processing and analysis using our software. This involves helping them to adapt analysis strategies that fit the particular characteristics of their data and the research aims, but can also include questions on experimental design or about the particular use of our software. Another important task is to produce educational materials. This involves writing articles, imparting seminars and webinars or generating data for demonstration, all with the aim to help researchers make the best use of our products.

Founded in 1997, Brain Products manufactures high quality equipment for neurophysiological research. With a focus on positively impacting neuroscience, we offer solutions that cover the fields of EEG, EEG & fMRI, ERP, BCI, EEG & TMS, as well as sleep, behavioral sciences, and similar disciplines. Our products are used in over 1,000 universities and scientific research institutes around the world. This network, along with many innovative collaboration partners, allows Brain Products to maintain our position as market leader in the complex and fascinating field of neurophysiology.

I find it exciting how electroencephalography can reflect the workings of the brain non-invasively, and inform the broader field of neuroscience. This non invasiveness itself brings its own challenges in acquiring meaningful signals that accurately reflect the targets of study. That is a challenge which I love to tackle.