Workshop Stilling

Communicating Animal Research to Public

Welcome to the “Communicating Animal Research to Public” workshop! In this workshop, scientists will be encouraged to to foster a thoughtful dialogue on the complex and critical issue of animal use in scientific experiments. With this, the participants will learn how to address the questions from public concerning their research with animals, while also practicing their scientific communication skills. Join us as we learn the ethical guidelines of animals in research, while exploring the important balance between discoveries and the moral responsibility to minimize harm.

The workshop will be given by Dr. Roman Stilling from Tierversuche verstehen (Understanding Animal Research). It will be on 21.03.2024, Tuesday and will be approx. 2 hours long. 

Dr. Roman Stilling

Since 2016, I’m scientific officer for the information initative “Tierversuche verstehen” (TVV, translates: understanding animal research). So I switched from lab work to science communication. The topic is challenging but the work is extremely versatile and exciting.