Ursula Voss

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Goethe University, Frankfurt (Main)


Higher Brain Functions

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Ursula Voss is currently Professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and head of a special outpatient clinic at Vitos Waldkrankenhaus Köppern in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. Her research centers on attention, endocrine changes in sleep, information processing and vigilance, psychological sleep research, states of consciousness, stress and coping, and sleep in neurodegenerative disease.


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Selected Publications

Voss, U., Holzmann, R., Hobson, A., Paulus, W., Koppehele-Gossel, J., Klimke, A., & Nitsche, M. A. (2014). Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity. Nature Neuroscience, 17(6), 810-812.

Voss, U., Schermelleh-Engel, K., Windt, J., Frenzel, C., & Hobson, A. (2013). Measuring consciousness in dreams: The lucidity and consciousness in dreams scale. Consciousness and Cognition, 22(1), 8-21.

Voss, U., Holzmann, R., Tuin, I., & Hobson, J. A. (2009). Lucid dreaming: A state of consciousness with features of both waking and non-lucid dreaming. Sleep, 32(9), 1191-1200.

Rybczynski, M., Bernhardt, A. M., Rehder, U., Fuisting, B., Meiss, L., Voss, U., Habermann, C., Detter, C., Robinson, P. N., Arslan-Kirchner, M., Schmidtke, J., Mir, T. S., Berger, J., Meinertz, T., von Kodolitsch, Y. (2008). The spectrum of syndromes and manifestations in individuals screened for suspected Marfan syndrome. American Journal of Medical Genetics, 146A(24), 3157-3166.

Kállai, I., Barke, A., & Voss, U. (2004). The effects of experimenter characteristics on pain reports in women and men. Pain, 112(1-2), 142–147.

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Selected Videos:

Lucid Dreaming with Ursula Voss


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